The alternative: Mediation
  • Mediation is an important and acknowledged problem solving and conflict management process during which the issues causing conflict are addressed.
  • Mediation is a process in which a couple reaches the same goal, but without the emotionally exhausting, expensive, time-consuming and acrimonious aspects of the traditional process.
  • Divorce terminates the marriage and restructures the relationship: after divorce parties continue to be in a different, but ongoing relationship; it is therefore important that hostility is avoided or restricted through mediation.
  • Divorce is not only a legal event, but a personal crisis; therefore mediation has a multi-disciplinary approach to divorce, taking into account not only legal aspects of divorce, but also the psychological, sociological, educational, ethical and moral aspects thereof.
  • During mediation divorce does not become the occasion to take revenge, to humiliate or exploit the other party or to attempt proving who is right or wrong.
  • Mediation is future orientated.
  • The more relaxed relationship between parents resulting from mediation, assists the children to go through the process with the least possible trauma.