The Mediators
Dr Leentjie de Jong is an admitted attorney and associate professor at UNISA’s School of Law. She has been teaching Family Law for the past sixteen years and obtained her doctorate on divorce mediation.
Dr Christo de Klerk is a therapist who has been in practice for twenty years. He obtained his doctorate on the reconstruction of life after divorce and is the author of the book
Gelukkig op my eie - daar is lewe na egskeiding.
Their passion is to eliminate and restrict the trauma resulting from divorce. Both are members of the South African Association of Mediators in Divorce and other Family Matters (SAAM).

•If you are already divorced and are still experiencing conflict, Leentjie and Christo can assist you in finding creative and workable solutions.

•If you plan to get divorced, Leentjie and Christo can prepare you for the divorce and assist you in structuring a settlement agreement which complies with your unique needs.

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